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Hannah + Justin


As a mother daughter duo, there is nothing more special than bonding with a Bride and her mother. We already knew Hannah and her mom Jean through mutual friends, so it made her initial consultation enjoyable and fun. It felt like we were catching up with old friends. Every step of the way, Hannah’s…(Read More)

Jenna + Chance


We had a sweet connection with Jenna and Chance prior to their engagement. So when they reached out to us about being their coordinators, we were delighted! Jenna’s parents joined us for the initial consultation meeting and the 30 day meeting, which made the meetings so fun! Everyone was excited and anxious as the…(Read More)

Sterling + Jon


We can’t say enough about Miss Sterling and her husband Jon. Sterling was one of the lucky ladies who won a giveaway we hosted earlier in the year. After our initial meeting with her, Ramie looked at me and said “Okay, she is so cool, I love her.” From that first meeting, we knew…(Read More)

Anna + Chase


Our first official wedding as Love The Day Of was nothing short of perfect. Seriously. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our 2019 season. We immediately fell in love with Anna and Chase. When Anna showed up at our door for her 30 day meeting, she had coffee for the both…(Read More)

The truth is, every wedding is different, and we found that we learned something after every. single. one. Our jobs as coordinators keeps things interesting because no wedding is the same. We love being a part of the process of making your wedding specific to YOU, but we have found some general trends that we…(Read More)

What made this mother and daughter both want to be coordinators? And what made them decide they wanted to do it together? Great. Question. We kind of love this story of how our individual passions came together to create Love The Day Of. If you know us, you know how our different gifts bring something…(Read More)

There’s no other way around it, someone will feel obligated to run your wedding day if you do not have a coordinator. Someone will cue the big moments, make sure guests are being attended too, and will keep the day on a timeline. If a coordinator is not hired, often times this falls on…(Read More)

Alicia + Kyle


Our first wedding as a mother daughter duo could not have been more beautiful. It started out with a nervous Bride who woke up to rain on her wedding day, but with some quick decision making, plans were changed and we moved everything inside. And this transition went so smoothly! This beautiful couple was married…(Read More)

You probably have your wedding planner, your venue booked, and vendors in mind, but have you discussed the basics? Sometimes things that seem common sense to you, may not be common sense to your fiancé or family. They are simple, yet profound questions that you should ask yourselves before this planning adventures begins. And once…(Read More)

There is so much planning and energy that is put into the ceremony and reception. Trust me, we get it, they are the main events of the day and they deserve a lot of attention. But one part of the day that is often overlooked, and isn’t always thought of, is what happens once…(Read More)