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Here are some kind words from them:

Cassie LaGreca


If you are going to spend a year planning, and hard-earned money on something memorable, you want to look back at both the process, and the day-of your event as something you loved. That’s where “Love the Day Of” can help. Ramie & Maddie work as a mother-daughter team to do everything at your wedding that a good host would do at a family dinner; set and clear the tables, check in with everyone who is a part of the event in advance to make sure all the details are in place and happening in a timely fashion, look after the guests of honor, greet and manage the needs of those who’ve traveled miles to be there, fix what is broken, solve what goes wrong, and a million other little things you don’t think are important until there’s no one there to do them. They do all of this with grace and kindness because for them this isn’t just business it’s a chance to use their talents to love and serve others in their community.

Let them help so your family doesn’t have too. These opportunities to be together are rare, so don’t spend them emptying trashcans and re-filling cupcake stations. Spend them together making memories. We promise you’ll look back and say, “Sooo worth it!”

Jessica Simonton


I jump with joy when I find out a client has hired a wedding day coordinator. As a photographer, I try to focus on good lighting, posing, and capturing timeless candid moments. However, when there is no day of coordinator, I try to take on that role as well, and it typically results in fewer photos for my clients due to trying to multitask.

Unexpected things happen on a wedding day…all the time, and that’s why hiring a day of coordinator is so important. The last wedding I worked with Ramie and Maddie turned into a bride’s worst nightmare…RAIN. I’m not going to lie, as a natural light photographer (capturing all my portraits outdoors) rain makes me a little frantic, but by working with Ramie and Maddie I was able to worry about my primary job and let them handle the timeline. They even went above and beyond and helped me with holding an umbrella for our clients, organized and gathered family for family portraits, communicated changes in the day as the rain moved in, and so much more. They help handle stressful situations like this, so you can relax and enjoy your guests, day, family, and new husband/wife. I could go on and on about the reasons to work with these ladies on your wedding day. A wedding day is so extremely important. It’s a time for celebrating two people becoming one and by hiring a day of coordinator you can be PRESENT in that celebration and have those memories forever!

Marcie Smith


If you are planning a wedding, I highly recommend using Love The Day Of! Ramie and Maddie are the best! From your planning up until the day of the wedding Ramie and Maddie will help you. They make sure everything is exactly as you want it plus they have great ideas on so many little things that would never cross your mind. It gives your wedding extra little touches that make your day extra special! Having Ramie and Maddie made us feel like we were organized and less stressed, we didn’t want to forget anything.

Ramie and Maddie made sure everything went according to plan. It takes two people to get every thing placed where it needs to and also assist the Bride, and the wedding party to make sure all their needs are met. We were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony but mother nature had other plans and decided to rain. As a team, it was decided to move the ceremony inside. It ended up being more beautiful and intimate than we ever imagined. Thank goodness we had Ramie and Maddie to calm the Bride down. They had the ceremony area set up before Alicia arrived so she could visually see it and they were just so caring and understanding of Alicia’s feelings. I am so thankful we had a day of coordinator at my daughter’s wedding.

Anna Wilkins


My wedding day…wow! I can honestly say that my wedding day felt like some sort of perfect, fairytale-like dream. The whole day was flawless, and I felt like I was able to relax the ENTIRE day. Many, many people came together for my wedding, but I can honestly say that Maddie and Ramie truly made that day possible.

As much as I appreciated and loved their help before the wedding, my favorite service they provided was the actual day-of coordinating. Everyone important involved in my wedding including my bridal party, vendors, family, all knew to connect with Maddie and Ramie, and nothing was missed. Days after the wedding I was talking with my MIL who told me she was rushing trying to get ready the day of the wedding so she could meet with Chase and pin on his boutonniere. When the LTDO ladies saw that she was rushing, they offered to help her unload car full of items and take some stress off of her. Hearing this made me SO happy! As they were keeping everyone on track, they saw many extra moments throughout the day to help anyone and everyone! I received so many complements at how wonderful, kind, and helpful LTDO was through the whole process.

If anyone is contemplating hiring the lovely LTDO ladies, I would 120% say to budget for their services. There is so much planning for a wedding that on the wedding day, the bride, groom and all involved should be able to relax and enjoy EVERY moment. LTDO did not waste a single moment of the day finding things to do to make everything run smoothly. They go above and beyond and do so much more than listed in their services.

Sterling Butler


Our wedding day went off without a hitch! Ramie and Maddie had the day planned out down to the minute (maybe even half-minute). They were spectacular! I look back on the day and think of all the things that needed to be in place at certain times, things that needed to be moved or adjusted after use, and of course the inevitable tear-down and box-up process, and it was ALL taken care of. Everything! In the moment, I didn’t worry about a thing. I was able to FULLY enjoy my day, and that was the ultimate gift. I cannot recommend the services of LTDO with Ramie and Maddie enough! If you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding day coordinator, or you’re on a budget, do not hesitate! Make sure you account for LTDO for your big day.

Jenna Johnson


At first, I was skeptical. I asked myself, why do I need a day of coordinator? I am very organized, I am a planner, and surely, I know enough people who are willing to help me on such a special day. Asking all of my friends and family to help meant having to find someone I trusted to help set decorations, coordinate where EVERYTHING went, keep everyone on time so my photographer can take pictures (and not heard people) que the wedding party to walk down the aisle, coordinate the buffet line, coordinate speech times, cake cutting, refreshing the dessert table, packing up left overs at the end of the night and who is taking them, getting gifts and decorations into the correct vehicle, coordinating the sparkler send off, and SO MUCH MORE! Without a day of coordinator all those volunteers would be coming to me, my mom, and who knows else for direction. And then this special day, that is gone in the blink of an eye, is now filled with endless questions. Thankfully, I listened to my family and we hired Love the Day Of.

Working with Love the Day Of was amazing. They were there every step of the way and handled everything with such ease. The entire day flowed smoothly from start to finish. They kept the timeline of events on task and were there in all the small details. They knew my plan for the day so well that they were able to manage the all the decoration set up and communicated with all the vendors as they arrived throughout the day. Both our families were able to enjoy our wedding day without the added stress. Our wedding day was perfect and ran so smoothly thanks to Love The Day Of.

Hannah Owens


Ramie and Maddie – where do I even begin?? I originally didn’t plan on using a day of coordinator. I thought that was unnecessary and I could handle it on my own. About four months before my wedding, I had a change of heart (actually, I panicked). As I sat down to start researching my options, the Love the Day Of page popped up on my Facebook timeline as they had rolled out their business THAT DAY. Now if that isn’t a sign from above, I’m not sure what is. I set up my initial consult and never looked back. This was hands down one of the best decisions I made in my wedding planning journey.

From the moment I met with them for my initial consultation to cleaning up at midnight after the wedding, these ladies had every detail under control and I had absolutely no stress. They are truly the dream team. They are so incredibly kind, knowledgable, organized and genuinely want every minute of your wedding day to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. With a lot of our guests traveling a long way to celebrate with us, I really wanted to focus on spending as much time as possible with them. Something as simple as offering to plate my husband and I’s dinner so that we could enjoy our meal together and then get to mingling with guests was SO great. I knew that they had everything taken care of and I was truly able to relax and enjoy the moment with our guests. Our wedding day went off without a hitch – and I give all of the credit for that to Maddie and Ramie!

Kalli Cunningham


I would tell any bride interested in wedding coordination that it is absolutely worth every penny! The wedding planning process is stressful enough, but the wedding day shouldn’t be! LTDO coordination makes the day totally seamless; if there were any issues on my wedding day, I didn’t even know it! I was able to be fully present and enjoy the moment with our families, guests, and wedding party because everything had been perfectly taken care of by Maddie and Ramie. 
Their services were important to me because I wanted to ensure that no one in my family or wedding party felt overwhelmed with any bumps that came up. When I contracted LTDO, I didn’t know COVID would appear mid-wedding planning, but boy was I grateful to have these women here to help! They worked tirelessly to make sure that all precautions and small details were covered. Our day was perfect, even through all the chaos because of this amazing business!

Bri Weigel


Maddie and Ramie are such wonderful people — they are both warm, inviting, understanding, and thorough. They thought of things well in advance that I know I would have missed or stressed about at the last second. Suggestions are offered gently and without pressure, as they truly want your day to be yours. One of the biggest things LTDO did for us actually came before the wedding. I did not feel like I needed to stress about vendors or logistics nearly as much as I would have without Maddie and Ramie there to help.

LTDO also stepped in and ran our rehearsal to make sure all went well with our bridal party, and our family knew who to talk to should problems or questions arise on our wedding day. Maddie and Ramie also worked so very hard to finish decorating for our reception. They spent hours doing tasks outside of their job description, and I knew very little about the stress they were under to finish things up. I’m so, so grateful for their hard work! Everything turned out so beautifully. LTDO is the calm in the midst of what could be a chaotic day, especially with large groups of people involved. They handled everything with ease and a warm smile, even when I knew they went home exhausted. I truly can’t recommend LTDO enough!


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