How Love The Day Of Came To Be

by | May 1, 2019

What made this mother and daughter both want to be coordinators? And what made them decide they wanted to do it together? Great. Question. We kind of love this story of how our individual passions came together to create Love The Day Of. If you know us, you know how our different gifts bring something unique to the industry. If you don’t, let us tell you how this mother daughter duo came to be, and what we have to offer.

Why each of us wanted to be coordinators
  • RAMIE: I had several people ask me to help them with decor and setup at their daughters’ weddings. About 4 years ago someone approached me to be a day of coordinator. After seeing how much the family appreciated my help and support, I realized that this was something I really enjoyed doing. There are many emotions and relationships that surround a wedding day, and I have always appreciated that. I also love design and details. I mean, I really like details –my perfectionism can get the best of me and sometimes I need to move on. Maddie keeps me in check 😉 Being a coordinator brings my passion for relationships and design together. Knowing that I can help brides and their families really enter into the wedding day and experience it stress free brings me a lot of joy!
  • MADDIE: I have always loved the ideas of weddings since I was a little girl. What little girl doesn’t? As a flower girl I remember following the Bride’s every move — I wanted to be just like her. Fast forward a few years, and about half way through college I started working for Better To Gather Events, here in Billings, Montana. And since then, my appreciation for weddings has grown even more! As I worked more in the industry, I started to take note of all the planning and effort that happened behind the scenes. Because of this, I always hoped that the Bride would enjoy her day. There are many moving parts on a wedding day, and it is easy to get caught up in the stress of the details. I never thought a Bride and her family should have to feel the weight of that. I like helping people and being a leader. Therefore, after assisting my mom as a coordinator, I knew I had found my niche. 
What led us to starting Love The Day Of 

After our first wedding together as day of coordinators, we started to really consider starting a wedding coordinating business. We sat down in December, had a big heart to heart, and knew this was something we wanted to launch together. We hired Kristin Jean for our professional shots, and worked with IDdigital on our website and logo design. They were the best people to help bring our vision to life! Our look came together amazingly – clean, modern and moody. We wanted our look to tell Brides, “Hey, we want to help you love your day, and you can trust us to make that happen.” 

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“As a mother and daughter duo they understand the importance of being there for family and following through. They’ve realized their role as day-of-coordinators has been a huge blessing to other families. And they are dang good at it!” – Cassie Lagreca

Owner of Better To Gather Events

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