5 Things You and Your Fiancé Should Discuss

by | Feb 4, 2019

You probably have your wedding planner, your venue booked, and vendors in mind, but have you discussed the basics? Sometimes things that seem common sense to you, may not be common sense to your fiancé or family. They are simple, yet profound questions that you should ask yourselves before this planning adventures begins. And once you do, you will be on the same page, which will make your wedding planning experience go much, much smoother.

  • What does this day mean to you?
    • In other words, what do you want this day to represent for the people attending your wedding? This question will allow you, your fiancé and other important family members to share why this day is so important. The answers might surprise you in how you thought they might feel verses how they really do. It can be a really special thing to share, and it will get you on the same page as you move forward.
  • How are you under pressure?
    • What is something you feel like you are carrying, and how can you get help with that? Being open about this will allow you to process, and your future spouse will have a better understanding of where you are as you mentally and emotionally prepare for your wedding. Also, this can be a great question for the Mother of the Bride, because she can be feeling pressure in her own way as well! Communicating is key to a successful season of planning.
  • What are your expectations of your wedding day?
    • How do you want your day to feel? Your expectations may be different than your spouses, and that’s okay! However, it’s important to discuss and come to agreement of what you want this day to look like, feel like, and be like.
  • What’s one thing you can go without on your wedding day?
    • Or, what traditions do you like or don’t like? These are good questions to address at the beginning. Chances are you are going to run into some budget issues, and will have to make a cut somewhere – it’s very normal! This is also a good time to discuss traditions that neither of you are the biggest fans of. What can you live without? 
  • How much are you wanting to spend on your wedding day and who will be paying for what?
    • This question is KEY. Anyone helping pay for this, (aka important family members) should be on the same page about this! That way there is no unmet expectations, feelings aren’t hurt, and more stress isn’t created. Once finances are understood, you can have a clear head and enjoy planning your dream wedding.

We hope you can use these questions to guide you and your family into further discussions on how you are going to make this day so memorable. One team one dream, right? Happy planning!

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