5 Things We Learned From Our First 5 Weddings

by | Oct 28, 2019

The truth is, every wedding is different, and we found that we learned something after every. single. one. Our jobs as coordinators keeps things interesting because no wedding is the same. We love being a part of the process of making your wedding specific to YOU, but we have found some general trends that we think ALL brides can benefit from knowing. So, here are our 5 takeaways from our first 5 weddings.

Table Numbers Are Your Best Friend
  • Even if you aren’t having assigned seating at your wedding, table numbers are your best friend. Specifically, they are so beneficial when it comes to dinner. There are two main reasons we love them. First, table numbers help with the flow of dinner. The DJ is able to dismiss the tables over the speaker so everyone is aware of who is up next for food. It is clearly communicated, and no one feels like they are being forgotten because they KNOW their number is coming! Second, table numbers hold your guests accountable. If the DJ dismisses table 2 to get food and a guest gets up from table 12, it’s pretty obvious. On the contrary, if there are no table numbers and the DJ announces “someone will come around and dismiss you”, it’s easier to sneak in line. Then suddenly, the line is 80 people long and there’s no going back! Trust me, you don’t want to look over your guests during dinner and see a huge line. You will want to see a small, efficient line, and people chatting at their tables. Your guests are hungry, they are excited to eat, and when there are table numbers, they will relax and be more patient – we promise!
Wedding Favors Are Often Left Behind
  • Oh how we have mixed feelings about wedding favors. They are so cute! But they are another expense. They are such a sweet gesture! But they take so much time to make. A personalized gift shows that you are thankful for your guests’ presence. But will they actually take it, let alone, use it? As much as we want to say differently, we tend to see wedding favors left behind. If you are looking to cut something from your budget, our recommendation is usually this. But if you are all for favors, then 100% do it! We don’t want to stop anyone from doing what they want on their wedding day. If it means a lot to you, we will pass out those jams, and encourage your guests to take their mugs. We often get asked about this, so we thought we would address it on our blog. So don’t feel pressure to make favors! You are hosting an amazing celebration that your guests get to be a part of, and sometimes, that alone is a gift in itself.
A Reliable Group Of Helpers Is Essential
  • It. Takes. A. VILLAGE. Pulling off a wedding day is no easy task, and a solid support system is essential to get the job done. As much as we want to take EVERYTHING off you and your families plate, it’s just not possible. It’s easy to think about what you need to bring in the morning of your wedding. What’s often forgotten is how much you have to load OUT once the wedding is over. This includes new items such as presents, left-over food, left-over cake, flowers etc. As coordinators, it is our job to help you process the ins and outs of your wedding day. It takes a group of helpers, and a few extra vehicles, to pull that off. The beginning and end of the day tend to fall on the mother of the bride, and we try to help her as much as we can. But your mom needs a crew. She needs her support system to help her navigate this amazing, yet often draining and emotional day. Having a reliable crew of helpers you know you can trust to carry the load with her both in the morning AND at midnight is so important – we can’t express it enough.
Guests Appreciate Being Directed Throughout The Evening
  • Weddings can be overwhelming for people because they don’t like not knowing what to expect. One thing we have found is that guests appreciate being directed. They like the feeling of being hosted for such an occasion, and that their presence really matters on that day. When the guests know what’s going on, it shows that the couple considered their guests’ experience. Yes, the focus of the wedding day is the couple. But it’s not just about that. It’s about the people who have stood beside these two individuals who are making a promise to one another. These people helped shape them into who they are today, and that is worth a celebration. What’s a celebration without having people to share it with? These people obviously mean a lot to you if you invited them to your wedding, so it’s important to make sure that they have the best time as well. Cheers!
You Can Plan Plan Plan, But You Can’t Plan For The Unexpected – Stuff Happen
  • It is inevitable. You can plan as much as you want, but there is always “something” that comes up on your wedding day. As coordinators, it is our job to put out those mini-fires, and take care of it so the Bride and her family don’t have to. And we love it! We feel so accomplished when a mishap happens and the Bride never knew it happened. Success! However, there are still things that may come up that we can’t hide. Weather is always a fun one, the microphone can stop working, the buffet can run a little behind, etc. It happens, and the best thing you can do it is to prepare yourself for those weird mishaps, by accepting them before they happen. I once read a quote that said something along the lines of, “Your wedding day is not a performance. If at the end of the day you are married, your day went perfect.” And we couldn’t believe in this statement more. Your wedding day can truly be the best day ever if you accept it for ALL that it may be. A day that may have a few bumps, but a day to celebrate your marriage to the love of your life.

And there you have it! Come back in a year from now and I promise you, we will have learned at least 5 more things from our 2020 weddings 😉

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