We got you girl.

You're the bride, don't be stressed!
Let us handle the details.
You go enjoy your beautiful day.

Wedding logistics can be a little overwhelming. But when we arrive to take care of your day, you will feel relaxed and excited!  After all the money and work you've put in, you should get to enjoy this moment. Here are a few details we will handle to make sure your day runs smoothly...

We know what you're thinking... "My mom can do that!"
Expectation Reality
My mom can handle the details My mom was constantly answering questions and directing people, and now she doesn’t even remember my wedding day!
I will float through the day on a cloud of dreams Actually, I hid in the bathroom to get a break from making on-the-spot decisions.
The day will have a great natural flow Who was supposed to cue the bridal party? The ceremony started 20 minutes late and the rest of the day fell behind schedule.
My family can help with clean up My family was so tired they snuck out! So things were left behind and thrown away.

Don't let this to happen to you –
let’s meet and make sure you love your day of!

Hiring Ramie and Maddie was one of the best decisions I made when it came to my wedding day. If you are contemplating having a day of coordinator, DO IT! They were there for every detail and made my day flow flawlessly. Hire Ramie and Maddie and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Hourly Consulting

Do you need guidance and advice as you begin your wedding planning?
We are available at an hourly rate to help you with your needs.

Ramie and Maddie Streeter are a mother/daughter duo from Billings, Montana. They have passion for all things weddings and enjoy helping Montana brides.  As a team, they work together to ensure that your day is memorable and most importantly, stress-free. They pay attention to details, tackle obstacles and work together to make sure nothing is overlooked and the day runs smoothly. Here’s what they have to say about one another:

  • One thing I love about Madeline:
    • Madeline has the most delightful personality and brings an infectious energy when she walks into a room.  Along with being a hard worker, she is able to get things done with just the right amount of fun added to it!
  • One thing I love about my mom:
    • My mom has such a calm presence that she brings into every situation. Whether it’s in my personal life, or watching her work with brides and their families, she is the dose of calm and perspective that I always need.

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      Ramie and Maddie are the best! They make sure everything is exactly as you want it plus they have great ideas on so many little things that would never cross your mind. It gives your wedding extra little touches that make your day extra special!

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